Safety attitude - The safety and security of our young passengers are our number one priority.  Through our hiring process to the day to day operations, we make sure safety and security come first.

Background Checks All of our employees go through the following background checks:  Criminal Record Checks (Act 34); Child Abuse Clearances (Act 151); Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) and  Motor Vehicle Report

Drug and Alcohol Testing Our company has a zero tolerance policy.  All employees, including office staff, managers, drivers and mechanics participate in our random drug and alcohol testing program.

Pre-Trip Inspections Pre-trip Inspections are conducted daily on vehicles being used to ensure our passengers are transported in a safe, working vehicle.

Child Safety  - In our effort to ensure that our youngest passengers remain safe, a group effort between the company and  parents requires that a parent or designated individual is available at the bus stop to escort their child/children in fourth grade or under from the bus to their home.

Driver Training Drivers go through extensive training before becoming a driver and continue training through quarterly safety meetings.

Dispatcher Every school district has an assigned dispatcher and office support to assist drivers with real time issues while on a particular run.  The dispatcher also works with parents and school districts to resolve various issues that arise.

Mechanics Our Company has on site trained mechanics to continually assure vehicle performance and safety.



Your Total Transportation Service . . .Where the safety and security of our young passengers come first